The EZR Deluxe is the robust version of our sole and shoe edge cleaners. There are a number of additional advantages from this model. Chemistry is integrated into the model so it is not standing on the floor. Furthermore, the EZR Deluxe is provided with a wider brush, raising the cleaning process to an even higher level. Using the adjustable feet, you can adjust the model perfectly. As well as these additional advantages, the EZR Deluxe also provides the standard advantages of the Elpress sole and shoe edge cleaner.




  • Adjustable dosing for sole cleaning
  • 4-year warranty on brushes
  • Sole and shoe side cleaning
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Thorough cleaning

Sole Automatic Boot Wash - EZR Deluxe

£2,195.00 Regular Price
£1,995.00Sale Price

Please note the delivery time for all our Elpress equipment is provided to customers upon order. If you require a delivery time before ordering please contact us; and we will provide you with further details.