Employee enters the platform, puts hands in the cavity for washing. There are nozzles (activated with photocell) with soap and water jet. User can dry hands with a towel tray or electric dryer mounted on the left hand side of the unit. Next, there is a cavity for hands disinfection with liquid disinfectant and then the gate opens.


In the same time shoe soles are washed. All times of particular actions are adjustable.

  • IP 65 protection
  • power supply: 3x400V/50 Hz
  • installed power: 0,74 kW
  • water connection: 1/2''
  • drain pipe diameter: φ 50
  • two gearmotors
  • dimensions: height 1300 mm, width 1076mm (with shelf on the side),
  • length 2000mm (with two platforms)
  • brushes and nozzles with water and detergent activated by photocell,
  • adjustable time of operation,
  • shelf for container with detergent (shoe washing) on the side