• A high speed, powerful and fast splitting saw designed to split up to 120 beef per hour.
  • High torque 5 H.P. motor enables the saw to cut through Bulls and hard bone cows with ease.
  • Meets national & international requirements for sanitation and safety.
  • Saw incorporates built-in hot water sterilization system for Hygienic and sanitary operation.
  • BM-SV-SB Air triggers 
  • Balancer Required: 80-100kg 3.0m drop 
  • Band saw blade 131″ 3TPI 



Drive: Electric
Cutting Cycle Time: 120 Beef / hour
Weight: 93 kg (203 Lbs)
Blade Opening: 21″ (533 mm)
Blade Length: 131″ (3327 mm)
Motor Power: 5HP (3730 Watt)
Motor Specifications: 42V-550V, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase
Control Handle Type: Dual Trigger / Electric or Air
Anti Tie Down optional

Kentmaster B-MV-SB Splitting Saw