Custom design for plants of medium slaughtering capacities. Specialised equipment for fast hair efficient hair removal without hair roots. Our dehairers are designed and constructed for highest quality and productivity.



  • Dehairing for about 40 - 50 pigs an hour

  • David machine body fully galvanized

  • Doors and control box in stainless steel

  • Power: 5.5 KW

  • Flash bridge completely in stainless steel, with 8 burners

  • Controlled optionally possible with natural gas or propane

  • Automatic scalding nettle type Turn-O-Matic 200.06

  • 3 pigs under water

  • Scalding nettle from 5mm self-supporting steel construction optional galvanized finish

  • Power: 1.1 KW

  • Heating: electric, steam or hot water (pump)

  • Electronic temperature control

DAVID 200 - Medium Dehairer 50 per hour