Standard Features

  • 2 roller system for thorough depilation
  • Head scratcher also for the difficult to access head area
  • Mobile on 4 castors
  • Newly developed, reinforced transmission
  • Special rubber racket (also on the back wall)
  • Electric heating in an oil bath
  • Integrated control and operating unit in the machine housing
  • Swing-out rollers for cleaning the machine


Additional Options

  • Hot-dip galvanized or completely in stainless steel
  • Different inner lengths can be selected
  • Bristle snail
  • Integrated bristle collector to catch the bristles in the machine
  • Pneumatically operated ejection
  • Pneumatically operated cover (various cover variants)
  • Electrical wall control in a stainless steel housing


Variant with integrated bristle snail

This removes bristles and dirt from the machine during the entire brewing or dehairing process.
The resulting consistently good water quality ensures

  • a consistently good brewing or dehairing result
  • a higher slaughter capacity per water filling

An additional water inlet is possible.


Process in an automatic scalding and dehairing machine

  • Machine up to the lower shaft with Fill with water
  • Water using thermostat control Warm up
  • Insert slaughter animal into the machine - start the brewing process (automatic termination after approx. 3 minutes)
  • Ejection of the depilated animal automatically using the ejector lever (pneumatic cylinder) or by hand


Different lid variants

  • Sliding hinged lid
  • Hinged lid (whole lid)
  • Special height lid (for larger pigs)
  • Automatically operated lid opening


Automatically operated lid opening

  • After inserting the pigs, the lid closes at the push of a button and the brewing and dehairing process starts
  • Machine stops automatically after set time (approx. 3 minutes) and the lid opens
  • The pig is ejected at the push of a button

Combined Scalding & Dehairing Machine

Inside Length
Hair Removal


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