The AES cattle stunning box is constructed in stainless-steel.


The box is made in tubular and covered but thick metal sheet. Equipped with pneumatic rear guillotine opening door for animal entry and side opening for animal discharge, all of which is controlled by the operator.


The bottom of the box can be in either an anti-slip sheet or the stunning box can be fitted to flat / slight incline concrete base. The box has feet with plates to be fixed to the floor.


The box has an open front to aid animal welfare and reduce stress for the animal.


Additional Options

  • Pneumatic Rump pusher (to push the cow from the back) 
  • Pneumatic Lateral pusher (to push the cow after stunning on the side)
  • Pneumatic neck and chin plate to block the neck to the cow by lateral system and to block the head of the cow
  • Dry Lander (cradle) to receive the cow after stunning; in stainless-steel


Additional Features

  • Stainless-steel stairs covered by anti-slip resin grate 
  • Stainless-steel platform with anti-slip resin grate, for the operators with back stairs and side handrail
  • Stainless-steel ramp to facilitated the entry of the cow in the new stunning box, with anti-slip floor
  • Stainless-steel floor with anti-slip floor


Galvanised version also available.

Cattle Stunning Box