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Mobile Abattoirs - Cattle, Pig & Sheep

Mobile Slaughtering &  Abattoir Units

Abattoir Equipment Supplies can supply mobile slaughter houses for small to medium projects.


Installations can be formed within mobile units, compact, complete, ready to use and comply with current sanitary regulations and security.


Meet the requirements of having a structure built turnkey without encountering all the problems related to the construction.


They are fast implementation, cost of purchasing and managing, expandable and easily transformable and maintain value over time as easily resalable.


These containerised structures can enclose within them different production solutions: slaughter lines; laboratories for the processing and packaging of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, mini milk and much more.


We can design and build:


  • Completely new mobile abattoir slaughter lines on trailers

  • Modular buildings in containers suitable for in situ slaughtering

  • Offer a supply only service or a full supply and installation services

  • Cover UK & Ireland and rest of world

  • Supply and installation of used mobile slaughter systems

Mobile Abattoir Drawing.png
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