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Meat Tool & Saw Balancers

Aero-Motive® Balancers - KA Series with Remote Lock - Heavy Industrial Duty

KA balancers with Remote Manual Safety Lock are offering an additional Safety Feature for applications where loads have to be constantly moved up or down and locked at different final positions by means of engaging the manual lock without using lifting equipment to get to the main balancer but from floor position.

Product Features


  • KA Series with Remote Lock share same features as the standard KA Series except for the Remote Manual Safety Lock feature.


  • Safety Lock can be engaged or disengaged remotely via a cam/lever arm which is conveniently operated via chains with handle at floor level rather than at the height where balancer is mounted.


  • Chain length for remote handle can be adjusted to match unit installation height.


Model Types & Specifications

Aero-Motive Model      Weight Range (kg)         Travel (m) 
115KA-RL                       38 to 52                           2.1 
125KA-RL                       52 to 57                           2.1 
145KA-RL                       56 to 66                           2.1
165KA-RL                       65 to 75                           2.1 
175KA-RL                       72 to 79                           2.1
200KA-RL                       79 to 91                           2.1
220KA-RL                       90 to 100                         2.1
240KA-RL                       100 to 110                       2.1

KA Balancer Range - Meat Tool Balancers.

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