Meat Hanging Rail Systems

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Aluminium Twin Track Rail Systems

Abattoir Equipment Supplies are one of the UK's leading meat rail system suppliers of aluminium twin track meat hanging rails.


We have our own AES 19mm BIRALUX rail supplied by our partners. These are our standard supply for all new installations and we can offer very competitive rates on all parts and twin track rollers

We also supply an AES 25mm rail system with stainless steel hangers which can match to number of other types of rail. 

If you require us to match to your existing twin track meat rail system, we can supply the following brands of meat rail: 

  • Abachem / GM Steel - 25mm twin track rail 

  • Coudeic Madore Transuni - 19mm and 25mm twin track rail 

  • Norman - 19mm twin track rail

  • MATCH TO - Marcolux - 25mm twin track rail 

  • MATCH TO - VCONS / VVW - 19mm twin track rail 

We also offer a full turnkey design, supply and installation service working with our engineers based across the UK. Please complete the enquiry form for a quotation: RAIL SYSTEM QUOTATION

AES Meat Hanging System in Twin Track Rail

Tubular Round Bar Meat Rail System

Abattoir Equipment Supplies are one of the UK's leading suppliers of tubular and round bar meat rail systems.

These systems are normally supplied in either 48.3mm or 60.3mm thickness tube. We can supply rollover switches in 90 degree, 45 degree, 3 way. We can also supply turntable junctions.  


All of our tubular switches are supplied in high quality galvanised steel and are 185mm drop as standard, however we can design and manufacture to any drop required. 

Our team of engineers across the UK can design, supply and install your meat rail system. We also stock a number of meat rail skids, tubular meat rollers and S hooks to hang your meat from your round bar meat rails. 

We also supply pneumatic round bar switches in 90 degree, 45 degree and 3 way. 


For further information please contact us with details and we can provide an estimate or arrange a site visit.

Round Bar Meat Rail System

Deer & Game Larder Meat Hanging Rail Systems


Abattoir Equipment Supplies have designed, supplied and installed many game larder meat hanging rail systems across the UK and Ireland. 

We understand the requirements for a game system and can ensure we advise on the best solution for you. 


For more information on our game and deer larder meat hanging rails please contact us.