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Static | Rise & Fall | Inspection | Evisceration | Splitting | Transfer 

Abattoir Equipment Supplies can supply a range of platforms for your needs which will provide flexibility, increase productivity and ensure staff safety. 

Our range of platforms include the following:


  • Fixed platforms, individually designed, these can be equipped with wash basins, sterilisers for tools and/or apron washes. These stable structures are made on legs made which are fixed to the floor and include safety railing and stairs. 


  • Pneumatic rise and fall platforms can be used for vertical transport of employees up to a height of 2.5 m, depending on the used lifting cylinder, the lifting speed is generally around 6 m / min. Support cylinders are adjusted individually depending on the customer's needs. The platform is powered by pneumatic cylinders and are fed with 0.6 MPa compressed air pipe. The platforms can be equipped with a washbasin and a knife steriliser. 


  • All sizes including heights can be amended to specific customer needs. 


To purchase or for a quotation please call 0117 98 98 201 or email

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